Commercial/ Retail and service functions are located in the C3 building on the ground floor. The area provided for this purpose covers over 274.34 sqm. It will comprise 4 units ranging from 37 to over 110 sqm. Upon request, the units can also be combined into larger ones.

Due to the size of the investment and a very good location, potential buyers of the premises can count on high turnover generated by tenants and visitors from the nearby area.
The commercial premises are ideal for service activities, such as a grocery store, a beauty salon or a dentist’s.
All premises have an entrance directly from the ground floor and are brightly lit with large glass windows.

Number of localArea [m2]Price brutto / m2Price bruttoStatusCard


66,448 610,00 złReservation


37,638 610,00 złReservation


110,468 610,00 złReservation


59,418 610,00 złReservation
Stage II


159,28 610,00 zł1 370 712,00 złAvailable


174,08 610,00 zł1 489 140,00 złAvailable


163,08 610,00 zł1 404 430‬,00 złAvailable