A modern housing estate is being built at 59 Bułgarska Street in Poznań. In the first stage of the investment, two buildings will be located directly at Bułgarska street. Building A with a height of 48.88 m, consisting of 16 storeys and building B1 with a height of 48.67 m, which consists of a part of 6 storeys and a high part of 16 storeys. The ground storey levels of the buildings are intended for commercial and service functions, while on the upper storeys 180 flats were designed. The glazed commercial ground storey is available mainly from the side of Bułgarska street, while access to residential storeys is provided directly from the underground garage and from the courtyard – through the representative entrance halls.

Inside the housing estate, there will be a courtyard with pleasant greenery and a playground for children. The whole complex will be characterized by high, fenced and protected buildings with access control. All public spaces around the buildings were covered with pot plants, lawns, trees and shrubs, cobbled pavement (by Pozbruk), ramps and stairs of precast concrete elements finished with resin, and also equipped with benches, rubbish bins, sandpits, swings and lighting elements in the inner courtyard. Parking spaces for residential premises are provided in a two-level underground garage (364 spaces) and on a fenced area (89 spaces). Access to all parking spaces is controlled by the garage door controlled remotely from the building or by means of a remote control and it is available only for tenants. Entry and exit from the garage and the area is provided from the side of Bułgarska street. The parking area in the courtyard space is separated by barriers.

All shared areas of the building and courtyard have been adapted for people with disabilities. Residential premises on individual storeys are accessible via stairwells with elevators, communicated directly with the level of the underground garage and the entrance zone on the ground storey. The finishing of elevators made of stainless steel with mirrors, handrails and floor made of porcelain stoneware tiles ensures their long-term durability, aesthetics and comfort of use. All the storeys are closed with wooden fire doors covered with natural veneer, which are equipped with sidelights. Letter boxes and information boards have been located in public areas. Some of the premises have access to individual storage rooms on the garage level and on the residential storeys.

The whole complex is the work of one of the best Poznań architects – architectural studio of Ewa and Stanisław Sipińscy. They are the authors of many prestigious projects created throughout Poland, as well as winners of many prizes, including those highly acclaimed such as the International Property Awards.

This project uses space so that everyone can feel at home here, at the same time, being aware of the fact of living in a large modern complex near the city center and green areas. The designers used modern and energy-saving solutions. Facades of residential storeys are finished with enduit noble and fragments of facade claddings. The even rhythm of windows, balconies and glazed loggias provides a wide perspective and bright light into residential premises.
Most of the apartments have a balcony, terrace or loggia, separated by full balustrades and glass balustrades.

The premises are equipped with cold and hot water, sewage system, electrical installation, low voltage installation, mechanical exhaust ventilation, toilets, kitchens and exhaust hoods, telephone cabling, household appliances and door phone installation.