In order to provide you with the highest quality of services, we recommend cooperation with a professional company dealing in comprehensive finishing of apartments. “TanioPodKlucz” is a team of great experts in the finishing and renovation as well as creative interior designers, who will help you create your dream apartment.

Here is what you gain:

  • 3-YEAR GUARANTEE: for services rendered
  • SECURE COOPERATION: all arrangements and deadlines specified in the finishing contract
  • GUARANTEE OF PERMANENT PRICES: without hidden costs and fear of exceeding the assumed budget
  • GUARANTEE OF THE TERM: completion of renovation works within the time specified in the contract
  • SAVING TIME: entrusting the entire implementation to one contractor
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: the supervisor and the investment manager supervise the contractors
  • CALM: no stress related to the search for construction teams, coordination of deliveries and supervision of investments
  • PROVEN SUPPLIERS: we use the materials of renowned companies
  • UNIQUE INTERIORS: designers and decorators who will advise you and who are able to adjust interiors for the most demanding clients
  • SAVING MONEY: – 8% of VAT for finishing packages
  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF SERVICE: personal assistant and a team of professionals at your disposal
  • APARTMENT READY TO LIVE IN: always cleaned and fragrant

The scope of performed work is determined depending on your individual requirements and budget, based on several packages to choose from. Professionalism and paying attention to details of the finishing are the characteristics of the company „TanioPodKlucz”, which is why you will receive a 3-year written warranty for all works.